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Vision Statement

The call of House of David Apostolic Temple is to be biblical rather than traditional. As we investigate the Truths of Scripture, we embrace the full gospel and recognize that God has ordained this movement. We believe that we have the "Right to Choose" to operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, because the Holy Spirit offers these gifts to the Believer, without regard to gender, we believe that everyone, male and female, shall operate in the capacity of the five-fold ministries and all gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the community depends upon the leadership and foresight of the church. HODAT is committed to assisting socially disenfranchised individuals. As we grow in grace, we are giving ourselves a hand-up by continuing to build strong Disciples of Christ.

We believe God moves when we create a worship environment. Praise and Worship leads to the very throne of the Lord Jesus Christ, where healing, deliverance, and life-changing power is available. Through corporate praise, we experience the jubilation of being one with the Body of Christ. Corporate worship allows the Believer to enter into the Holy of Holies to personally commune with our Most High God.

HODAT believes that the vision to educate, equip and evangelize involves every aspect of our movement. The local church will grow only if every disciple is equipped to exercise his or her Spiritual Gifts so that the Body functions as one with Christ as the Head. As the church grows, it must be actively engaged in the Ministry of Evangelism to win the lost to the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

HODAT is "First Class". We are committed to excellence in Ministry. We believe that full gospel ministries must be an exciting place of worship! We want to foster vitality in praise and worship, while continuing to teach sound doctrine.

HODAT believes in the evidence of the Holy Spirit being present as "people are getting saved and delivered." When the Holy Spirit is there, the church is alive -- and producing fruit!